YEP Says, June 10: School trips up over Caribbean jaunt for pupils

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WHEN parents send their children off to school, it is with the hope that their horizons will be broadened by the experience.

It is increasingly apparent, however, that some schools are in danger of taking this remit too far.

When their children brought home letters promoting a school trip, parents of pupils at Horsforth School were understandably taken aback when they read that the destination in question was the sun-kissed Caribbean.

Just as startling was the price tag for this jaunt – an eye-watering £1,650 per child.

While the school defends its decision to offer the trip by saying it was partly triggered by student demand for an alternative to previous visits to Spain and Italy, it’s a holiday more in keeping with a luxury honeymoon.

It includes seven nights’ stay in a Barbados hotel, “traditional evening entertainment”, a catamaran cruise and a trip to a local water park. All this for children as young as 12.

Teachers should be aware that trips such as this immediately create a divide between those who can afford it and those who cannot.

It raises the question as to whether there should now be a cap placed on school trips so they don’t get out of hand.

Besides, why is there a need to travel to such far-flung destinations when there is so much on children’s doorsteps right here in Yorkshire?

Maggie’s has key role to play in beating cancer

JUST as treatments for cancer have moved on dramatically over the years, so too have attitudes to the condition.

These days it’s acknowledged that it’s not just physical care that needs to be delivered, but emotional support as well.

That’s why the opening of the new Maggie’s centre at St James’s Hospital can’t come soon enough. The facility, set to open in 2017, will offer complementary therapies, practical help, information, courses and support groups – in other words, whatever patients need.

It promises to be another piece in the jigsaw to giving people a better chance of beating this awful disease.