YEP Says, July 30: Police morale is on the line – and so is service to the public

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...and we’re on the way to making Leeds more child-friendly

THERE is some irony in the fact that while morale among West Yorkshire Police officers has apparently plummeted to an all-time low, their performance has actually improved.

While this is perhaps testament to the pride and professionalism of the force’s rank and file, there can be no question that there are problems that need to be addressed. A poll of staff revealed that 56 per cent had a negative view of the force and would not recommend it as an employer. Fewer than one in nine said they trusted their leaders.

Given the rate of change being driven by the Government’s efficiency programme, it’s unlikely that these problems are unique to West Yorkshire.

Squeezed resources, a reduced workforce and increasing pressure to meet targets are hardly factors that are conducive to an air of general contentedness in any workplace.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that senior managers now identify the primary source of this seemingly widespread disenchantment. Is it the cuts? The managers? Or is it the manner in which the cuts are being managed?

Whatever the answer – and in spite of the force’s current performance – senior officers will know that over the long-term an unhappy police force does not make for policing of the standard that the public is entitled to expect.

On the way to making Leeds child-friendly

IT’S great that the number of individuals and businesses signing up to support Leeds’s bid to become the most child-friendly city in the country has reached the 300 mark.

Now we need more organisations to get on board and pledge to be more focused on the needs and views of children and young people.

Of course, it is one thing to sign up but quite another to show in real terms how you are actively making life better for youngsters.

So while this is a great start, we look forward to seeing tangible progress on making the city a more child-friendly place in the months to come.

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