YEP Says (July 3): Join campaign and decide to carry the card

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Teenager Emma Witty was a beautiful young woman with everything to live for.

Passionate about wildlife and music, her life was cruelly cut short by a bleed on the brain when she was at home alone two years ago this month.

But because she signed up to the organ donation register and her mum Catherine gave consent, she lives on in 10 other people who have benefited from her decision.

Her organs helped save the lives of six other people, including a woman just a year older than her.

Kind Emma Witty, 19, is ‘still alive’ in 10 people two years after tragic death: Click here for full story

And among other people who have received her organs, her eyes have saved the sight of four people, now blessed with something we take for granted.

But sadly, that is not the only thing we take for granted. We also live our lives without thinking how we, too, could help others when we die.

There are dwindling numbers of people on the organ donor register in Leeds, leaving hundreds of desperately ill folk with little hope of a lifesaving transplant.

That is why today this newspaper is lending its weight to a campaign to highlight the issue in the hope that others will read Emma’s story and take that life saving decision themselves.

We may, ourselves, need an organ donation. So it is not just a selfless act but one that may also benefit us or a loved one.