YEP Says, July 19: A welcome step on Cameron’s path to walking unaided

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...and Saliha’s an inspiration too.

EARLIER this week we told the heartrending story of young Cameron Harper.

The seven-year-old is like most youngsters his age. He loves playing with friends and always has a ready smile on his face.

Yet there is one thing Cameron can’t do that he would dearly love to – and that is to walk.

Suffering from cerebral palsy, he underwent tests at Leeds General Infirmary in January that confirmed he was an ideal candidate for special surgery that could make his wish come true.

Yet cruelly his family was told that the operation was no longer routinely available on the NHS, leaving them to raise the money for it themselves.

This they have done with great gusto, staging all manner of events in a bid to make Cameron’s dream reality.

Now they have been given fresh hope with the announcement that NHS England is to start funding trials of the specialist surgery for 120 children who suffer from cerebral palsy a year.

The cost of the operation and subsequent rehabilitation is by no means cheap at an estimated £50,000.

Yet surely when the means and know-how are available to make such a life-changing difference to the world of a little boy, such surgery should be funded rather than leaving it to cash-strapped families?

Saliha’s courage is an inspiration to all

LIKE young Cameron, Saliha Rashid has been forced to face some hurdles in life. Hurdles that are all but unimaginable to most people.

A survivor of honour-based abuse, she fled from her family during her first year at Leeds Trinity University and is also registered blind.

Now the 21-year-old, who has drawn on her experience to campaign for Asian women’s rights, is on her way to achieving her ambition of becoming a barrister after graduating with a top degree.

Many of us face adversity in our lives, but the manner in which Saliha has overcome her challenges offers inspiration to us all.

Eric Carlile, pictured in 2008.

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