YEP Says, July 18: Richly-deserved honour for Leeds Carnival chief

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‘My wildest dreams could not have imagined receiving an honorary degree...I could not be prouder.”

My wildest dreams could not have imagined receiving an honorary degree...I could not be prouder.”

The words of Arthur France MBE, after he received his accolade at Leeds University yesterday, are humble indeed.

It is impossible to overstate the role Mr France has played in transforming our city into the cultural hothouse it has become - and that doesn’t even factor in the economic benefit the biggest West Indian carnival outside Notting Hill brings to the table. More than 100,000 revellers are expected to take to the city’s streets for the 48th annual Carnival next month.

Mr France, a grandfather-of-seven, of Chapeltown, who was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis and moved to Leeds in 1957, continues to be a driving force as carnival chairman. It was homesickness when he arrived that drove him on to found what has become one of the greatest shows in the UK.

He states on the carnival websitesite: ‘Carnival is not just about putting on a street party; It is not just about sharing the sweetness of steel pan and soca music nor the magnificence of costumes. It is about creating a cultural and artistic legacy for the UK. It is the best way I know to secure unity and harmony.

We echo the University when it describes Mr France as a generous, compassionate and energetic force for good in this city. The honour bestowed yesterday was never more richly deserved.

Little hero who saved mum’s life

He might be four but he must be standing 12 feet tall today.

Kadell Anderson-Brown gets our hero of the week award for saving his mum’s life after she had a suspected heart attack.

Kadell gave his full address and phone number to the 999 call handler when mum Mawena collasped. Medics admit that were it not for her son’s actions, she might not have survived.

Kadell had listened carefully when he was told what he should do should the worst happen.

A fabulous good news story to brighten the weekend. Well done Kadell.