YEP Says, July 17: Police must not be put under pressure over stop and search

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...and how Yellow Fever kept the air ambulance flying

IT’S unlikely that the public will be queuing up to eavesdrop on police as they carry out stop and searches on the streets of West Yorkshire, let alone go so far as to join them.

Nevertheless, by giving people the chance to listen in on the radio or accompany officers on their patrols, Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson is signalling a welcome bid to make the police’s work more accessible and transparent.

And given that policing in this country is done by consent – the long-established philosophy first outlined by Robert Peel – this is both desirable and necessary, not least given recent bad publicity.

Some of the criticism of the police has emanated directly from its policy on stop and search – with complaints that ethnic minorities and young people have been unfairly targeted.

Building relationships with different communities and young people is vitally important if issues of distrust are to be resolved and law and order upheld. The misuse of stop and search powers won’t help.

That is not to say, however, that police should start choosing those they approach based on quotas or that they should be under pressure not to question someone simply because of their age or race.

Officers on the streets should feel confident to challenge anyone they have reason to suspect of wrongdoing. If not, public safety will be compromised.

Yellow Fever keeps the air ambulance flying

LEEDS caught Yellow Fever when the Tour de France rolled into the city – and we were glad to play our part in spreading it.

By backing our request to don something yellow on July 3, you helped raise a staggering £14,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Given that this lifesaving service relies on donations to keep flying, the success of Wear it Yellow Day has played an important part in helping the organisation meet its ongoing operational costs.

It’s one more to add to the list of great things to have come from the historic visit of the Tour de France to our city. Well done to everyone who got involved.

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