YEP Says, July 16: Is it the right time to splash £550,000 on a committee room?

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...and school’s out for headteachers who shaped generations

FOR most of us, getting our hands on half a million pounds won’t happen outside a lottery win. And if it ever did, chances are the more sensible among us would think long and hard before we spent it.

Of course, when it comes to councils used to handling billion-pound budgets, £500,000 is small beer rather than cause to reach for the champagne.

Still, all things are relative. And at a time when we, the public, keep being told by politicians that we need to cut our coats according to our cloth, it’s tempting to wonder if they might not benefit from heeding some of their own advice.

Leeds City Council, for example, looks set to commit £550,000 to the revamp of a committee room at the Civic Hall.

It’s widely accepted that the current facilities don’t pass muster – especially when in terms of hosting the public at a time when the council is commendably trying to encourage us to take a more active interest in local politics and the decisions that affect us.

Still, in light of the shortfall in funding that the Labour-run authority keeps bemoaning, with cuts in Government money directly affecting frontline services, is this really the moment to be splashing out these sorts of sums on a project like this?

Or is this something that could have waited a couple of years, when we have to hope that the city’s finances are back on a more even keel?

School’s out for heads who have shaped lives

WE all have a teacher we remember with affection. Someone who seemed to understand us and had a knack of making learning fun.

They are the ones who made a difference to our lives, shaping who we have become and what we have gone on to achieve.

So with the end of term approaching, there will be many generations who owe a debt of gratitude to those headteachers featured in today’s YEP who are bowing out with 450 years between them.

Chances are they won’t have always been popular with every pupil, but they and their fellow retiring teachers have shaped more lives than they know.

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