YEP Says, July 15: Children failed by authority’s inability to get its sums right

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...and Emily shows first aid is quicker on two wheels

SEEING their children start primary school can be a worrying time for parents, who are often concerned as to how they will fit in and are eager for them to do well.

For some, however, these normal worries have been significantly increased due to the education authority’s hopeless inability to get its sums right.

Just over a decade ago, a raft of controversial primary school closures were pushed through in Leeds – despite protests from those within the local communities who warned that there wouldn’t be sufficient places in the future.

Bosses from Education Leeds – the company set up and owned by Leeds City Council to provide education support services for the local authority – assured them they had nothing to worry about.

Fast forward to 2014 and the city is now facing a shortfall of more than 4,000 primary school places – and it’s hard to find a school that isn’t oversubscribed.

It’s a situation that has left four-year old Evie Wilkinson, who has special learning needs, needing to catch two buses to get to lessons because there is no room at her local school.

And six-year-old Aleesha Barker is having to be home schooled because the only place available is at a school three miles away.

Money is now being made available to expand schools and build new ones. But it will be too late for those children who have been failed by the authorities.

Emily shows first aid is quicker on two wheels

WITH Leeds having caught a serious case of Yellow Fever with the visit of the Tour de France, the number of cyclists on our roads is likely to start soaring.

Sadly, accidents will happen. So it’s heartening to know that statistics from St John Ambulance reveal that cyclists are nine times more likely to stop and help fellow cyclists than other road users in an accident.

Emily Moxon, from Kirkstall, is one of them. She gave emergency aid while cycling in South Africa and now she, is urging fellow cyclists to sign up for the YEP’s First Aid for All courses.

You could say Emily’s an ideal spokes-woman for this great campaign.

First buses.

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