YEP Says, July 14: Let talk bring action and power to Leeds people

Have your say

Put your money where your mouth is, as the old saying goes.

Put your money where your mouth is, as the old saying goes.

And it seems the people of Leeds are prepared to do just that.

Community groups, charities, businesses and faith groups across the city have all flocked to become members of Leeds Citizens - a new alliance of organisations which, say those behind it, demonstrate a scale of ‘people power’ never before seen in Leeds.

More than 700 people attended a launch event at Elland Road. Only time will tell just how successful this organisation becomes - but the aim of founders (including former Leeds West MP John Battle) can only be applauded.

Coming as it does after a series of ‘listening sessions’, it also follows hot on the heels of our own Voice of Leeds summits, put together in partnership by the Leeds Community Foundation.

It seems that local groups and organisations - those who work small, quiet miracles every day - have never had a better chance of a) telling how it really is and, b) being able to influence those who can DO something to help them make an even greater difference.

But this must be no mere talking shop or pressure group. Speaking must end up with doing, debating must end with action. And the signs from similar ventures across the country are positive.

When Mr Battle states that Leeds Citizens’ is ‘one of the best things to happen in Leeds throughout my political lifetime,’ we truly hope he is right.

What a blooming nuisance you are

It’s hardly the crime of the century - but there’s something truly depressing about it for all that.

Who was the person who took £300 worth of palm plants from the Britain in Bloom display, planted by locals in Woodlesford to instil a bit of pride in their community? Care to put your hand up? No, we thought not.

We’d love to know why you did it. For your own garden, perhaps? For someone else’s? Or perhaps the prospect of a bit of mindless wrecking was just too, too tempting?

Why not do the right thing and pop them back when no-one’s looking. Restore a bit of our faith in humanity, perhaps?