YEP Says, July 11: Is ‘people power’ key to culture bid success’?

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Having the vision is one thing - that’s the easy bit.

Having the vision is one thing - that’s the easy bit.

Should Leeds be the European Capital of Culture? Of course it should. The phrase ‘no brainer’ springs to mind.

We’ve traditionally eschewed the tub-thumping of certain other parts of the country when it comes to selling our unique qualities to the world beyond the Broad Acres.

Yet whilst such modesty is laudable, the benefits to be gleaned from a heightened profile on the global stage were made evident by the astonishing success of last summer’s visit of the Tour de France.

Winning the Capital of Culture bid would mark another important step toward banishing the outdated stereotypes that too often influence outside opinions of Yorkshire, highlighting the richness of its culture.

And what better opportunity to showcase our great city of Leeds: to open people’s eyes and let them see it for what it is - not just a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ for business, but a cultural powerhouse too.

Today, through the YEP, city leaders have today launched a hunt for people to part of a group which will be instrumental in putting the all-important bid together - that is, after all, the difficult bit.

‘What makes Leeds, Leeds?’ asks City Council leader Judith Blake. ‘The people who live here.’

And that’s the point. This city would be nothing without the people who live and work here...and using ‘people power’ to help put together the Capital of Culture Bid is surely an excellent first step on the way to success.

Champions on the run in Leeds

Good luck to everyone running in the Leeds 10k tomorrow. Whether you’re keen super-fit runners racing to beat your own record or consider yourself a slowcoach who’s ‘just having a go’ to raise money for a good cause, you’re all superstars in our eyes. Don’t forget to wave if you see our photographers as you’re pounding the street - you might find yourself in Monday’s paper!

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