YEP Says, January 24: Jenah’s gesture helps restore our faith in the world

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...and city’s the place for culture vultures

NEWSPAPERS aren’t always full of stories we particularly enjoy reading. Sometimes they deliver bad news. An announcement of impending job losses, say, or funding cuts forcing the closure of a local care home.

Then there are those which shine a light on the less palatable aspects of modern society. This week we told of the heartless thief who stole cyclist Shane Fitzsimons’ bike while he lay injured in the road after being hit by a car.

And sometimes it feels as though there are a lot more of these stories than the other kind – the positive, life-affirming ones that put a smile on your face and give you hope that the world isn’t quite as bad as you often fear.

So today we’re pleased to be able to bring you the story of Victoria Eames and her best friend Jenah Colledge.

When Victoria discovered she had tested positive for cervical cancer and needed surgery which means she won’t be able to have children, Jenah promptly responded by pledging to become her surrogate.

It’s a wonderful gesture, one that’s surely the ultimate mark of friendship and helps restores your faith in human nature.

It’s our duty to report on the other kind of stories, because even though they aren’t especially upbeat they’re still important.

But it’s stories like this that we really enjoy telling you about – the ones that keep all of us going when the world seems a very dark place.

Leeds is the place for culture vultures

DESPITE producing talents of the calibre of Peter O’Toole and Keith Waterhouse, Leeds hasn’t always been seen as a hotbed of culture.

When work was being completed on the West Yorkshire Playhouse, a builder turned to its artistic director Jude Kelly and said “You know this’ll be an Asda in a couple of years love, don’t you?”

But that was 25 years ago. Today the city has a vast array of cultural venues and events that make it the vibrant and exciting place we know and love.

And it’s why it deserves to be a serious contender for Capital of Culture status in eight years’ time.