YEP Says, January 22: Tragic Aimee’s parents and their brave bid to now give hope to others

Two-year-old Aimee Frankland suffered from Dravet Syndrome.
Two-year-old Aimee Frankland suffered from Dravet Syndrome.
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A fitting legacy to much-loved youngster.

EVERY parent will feel the pain of Karen and John Frankland at losing their precious little girl.

The Leeds couple describe two-year-old Aimee as a “supernova” – a star that burns brightly and quickly.

But despite serious health problems soon after birth, they had no way of knowing just how short their time with her would be.

Having borne her illness with astonishing fortitude, little Aimee passed away after suffering two prolonged seizures triggered by a rare form of epilepsy.

Heartbroken as they are, her family are now taking a leaf out of their determined daughter’s book and have resolved to try to find a cure for the condition that claimed her life.

Dravet syndrome affects just one in 40,000 children – but the impact on those who have it, as well as their families, is enormous.

It’s a ticking timebomb, with 15 per cent of youngsters with the condition failing to survive to adulthood. That presents those children and their loved ones with years of worry.

Karen and John are showing real courage as they now channel their efforts into giving sufferers and their families hope for the future.

We wish them well and hope they can achieve the breakthrough they are looking for.

Whatever happens, their work is fitting tribute to a much loved – and much missed – little girl.

Car park closure adds fresh fuel to debate

PARKING is a big issue in Leeds at the moment – chiefly because of concerns over the cost and availability of spaces.

The imminent closure of one popular city centre care park is now adding fresh fuel to the debate. Given that it’s one of the cheapest in Leeds it’s not hard to see why.

To be fair to the council, the company running the site on Whitehall Road were told four years ago that they were in breach of planning regulations.

But it doesn’t solve the problem of where the hundreds of workers and shoppers who used it on a daily basis will find a similarly affordable place to park.


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