YEP Says, January 22: A cyclist lying in the road? Great, let’s steal his bike

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...and Greggs comes up with the goods

IF you saw a cyclist lying injured in the road after being hit by a car what would you do?

Call for an ambulance? Try to give them first aid? Steal their bike?

That last option will sound unthinkable to every decent member of society, but that’s exactly what one lowlife did as crash victim Shane Fitzsimons lay prone on the ground after the accident in Bramley.

Despite a number of witnesses stopping at the scene, Shane’s £1,700 mountain bike was stolen as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

The 55-year-old tells the YEP today: “As I was lying there I saw this guy on the bike. I was in so much shock I couldn’t say anything and he rode off. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

The police are just as appalled. But while CCTV footage shows a young male wheeling the bike away up Broadlea Hill, it wasn’t of good enough quality to identify him.

It means the trail has gone cold. But someone out there must know who carried out this sickening, opportunistic theft and they should now come forward.

We can’t allow all the positivity that currently surrounds cycling – with the Tour de Yorkshire’s route through Leeds being announced yesterday – to be tainted by such an appalling, heartless act.

An act that not only shames Leeds but modern day Britain itself.

Greggs comes up with the goods

MAKING the most of their education is challenging for some of the city’s youngsters – even more so when they go to school on an empty stomach.

So hats off to Greggs for sponsoring breakfast clubs in Leeds.

The idea might conjure up images of six-year-olds tucking into Steak Bakes, but the food on offer will be bowls of cereal and bread baked fresh in a nearby Greggs store, providing vital fuel for learning.

We’re used to seeing big companies going to desperate lengths to avoid paying tax, so it makes a refreshing change to see one that takes its social responsibities seriously.