YEP Says, January 13: Time for action on ambulance service in critical condition

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...and Tweet praise from Top Gear’s Jeremy

TODAY the Care Quality Commission begins its inspection of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service – and few expect the final report to make for easy reading.

Claim and counter-claim have been the feature of what has become an increasingly bitter and now seemingly intractable wrangle between paramedics and management.

Ambulance workers allege that public safety is being put at risk by a number of cost-cutting exercises, including pairing up emergency care assistants, who have minimal training, to work together in “less serious” emergencies.

What cannot be disputed are the figures – and they show that YAS has a dismal record, failing to achieve the basic national standard for response times in 11 out of 12 months.

With levels of trust and cooperation having now reached their nadir, the CQC inspection cannot come soon enough.

For the real victims in this unedifying saga are the members of the public who have been forced to put up with a substandard emergency service for far too long.

It is now the job of the Government inspectors to provide a root and branch appraisal of the organisation’s failings and ensure that they are tackled swiftly and decisively, as well as healing the toxic relationship between staff and senior management which itself is a major barrier to improvement.

Tweet praise from Top Gear’s Jeremy

SO Jeremy Clarkson reckons Leeds is a dead ringer for New York, does he?

The Top Gear presenter, who originally hails from Doncaster, made the comment on Twitter as he passed through on the train.

While it would be hard to mistake Morley for Manhattan, it’s true that the city’s skyline has changed over the last few years with the addition of buildings such as Bridgewater Place. But it also suggests that Jeremy, like many others living south of the Watford Gap, had underestimated the North’s potential.

Still, it has to be said that his tweet is a pretty big compliment – for our cousins across the pond, that is.