YEP says: Is our transport moving in the right direction?

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It’s not great, is it?

A cycling ‘superhighway’ (and a multi-million pound one at that) that is a hazard to pedestrians.

That’s just one of the scathing findings delivered by consultants on City Connect, the £30m route that will take cyclists from Leeds to Bradford.

One can’t help feeling, just a week after the Leeds trolleybus plan hit the buffers, that anything remotely transport related in this city is turning to dust.

Given poor planning, and weak scrutiny, has beset both schemes, these questions now need reconciling: What is the area’s transport strategy and who is responsible for its delivery?

Like the rest of the county, Leeds is home to global investors who have contributed much to the area’s resurgence. Their pride in their city remains palpable, but they – and others – are hamstrung by a pre-historic transport infrastructure and failure to implement a travel blueprint so Leeds can become a European superpower.

It does not inspire confidence in those making the decisions. We await, as does the whole city, with anxious interest, for a decision over what happens post-Trolleybus. We await firm action, a clear strategy and a speedy outcome. Because at the moment, it seems even getting on our bikes won’t work.

Star chefs give Leeds a real lift

FOOD IS at the heart of all our great cities so it is tremendous news that two top chefs, Nacho Manzano and Quique Dacosta, are heading our way.

They have seven Michelin stars between them so it stands to reason that they will raise our game and attract new discerning diners. They will also give our more, shall we say, unproven chefs something to aim for.

Not everyone will want to fine dine with Messrs Manzano and Dacosta, but they will improve our city’s standing beyond measure. The fact that they are prepared to come here says something about the ambitions of Leeds and how it is seen from the outside.