YEP says: George Medal is a fitting tribute to a reluctant hero

Doreen Kenny receives her late husband's George Medal from the Queen.
Doreen Kenny receives her late husband's George Medal from the Queen.
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today we pay tribute to Bernard Kenny.

The reluctant hero stepped in to try to save MP Jo Cox when she was attacked in the street in Batley.

Mr Kenny was rightly named as a recipient of the George Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours this summer, and it was with great sadness that we had to report that he had lost his fight with cancer just weeks after learning of the award.

It must have been such a difficult day for Doreen, his widow, who yesterday picked up the honour on his behalf from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

It is impossible to know what any of us would have done faced with the situation Mr Kenny found himself in, on that fateful day. There can be no way that he would know the outcome of his actions, or just how that split second decision to intervene would resonate.

He did not choose to be thrust into the public limelight, any more than the family of Jo Cox chose it.

The Kenny family, like Jo Cox’s family and friends, have been so dignified in the way they have dealt with the questions, the attention and the media “expectations” of them after those horrific events.

Bernard’s family will be rightly proud of this medal and this honour. The YEP respects their desire for privacy, but wants to publicly pay our respects to a true local hero.


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