YEP says: Finding a viable route through Leeds’ transport maze

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has called for a change to the way rail improvements are planned.

THIS week the YEP is putting you, the readers, very much in the driving seat.

Whether that seat is in a car, on a bus, a taxi, train, a motorbike or a bicycle. We are going to be coming with you on your journeys to and from and across this city throughout the week.

We want to put together a clear picture of how transport is, or isn’t, working in Leeds and help shape what should be done.

As we report today Transport Secretary Chris Grayling insisted last month that his department is committed to the North, citing a £1bn improvement plan for cross-Pennine road links as proof of his good intentions.

But is that enough to buy your confidence? Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald said there had been promises of investment in the past - but the Government reneged on its promises.

And even if it did, more trains would only help a fraction of commuters in Leeds. When Leeds City Council held a transport summit 18 months ago the statistics at the time showed 44 per cent of people used a car to get into Leeds, 24 per cent took the bus and 11 per cent went by train.

Having said that just over half wanted to use a more sustainable method of travel - tram or light rail.

We’ll find out if the spirit is still willing in Leeds and what alternatives are on the table.

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