YEP Says, February 28: Now give growing number of rail users value for money

Crowds outside Leeds Station
Crowds outside Leeds Station
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Passengers deserve better service for costs they fork out.

IT seems ironic given the annual inflation-busting fare hikes and routinely overcrowded carriages, but train travel is arguably reaching a peak in popularity not seen since Victorian times.

This is underlined by the surge in the number of people using Leeds Station, which saw a near five per cent rise between April 2012 and March 2013.

A total of 26.2 million people passed through its doors during this period, making it the third busiest station outside London.

Such numbers show why the new southern entrance is needed and also add extra weight to the argument that this addition has the opportunity to aid the regeneration of the south of the city.

With so many people visiting the station, there is every reason to believe that making access to this area easier can only bring benefits over both the short and long term if it is matched by genuine investment.

Yet while this increase in the numbers using public transport is welcome, it makes it even more important that passengers are given a service worthy of the money they fork out.

More passengers mean more profit for the train companies. It is therefore only right that they reinvest at least some of this in additional rolling stock that will help ease overcrowding on the busiest services, as well as keeping future fare increases to a minimum and delivering better value for money in general.

Thoughts are with Thea and her family

HEARTS will go out to little Thea Paterson and her parents Richard and Samantha.

Though she looks like a typical seven-month-old, Thea suffers from MPS 1 Hurler Syndrome, a rare condition that if left untreated could mean she is unlikely to live beyond the age of 10.

Set to undergo a bone marrow transplant next week – the only treatment for the syndrome – her parents are now setting up a trust to help with the costs of caring for her and to raise awareness of the condition.

We wish Thea and her family a successful operation and recovery that ensures this little girl can go on to enjoy a long life that is lived to the full.

Samuel Saiz.

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