YEP Says, February 16: Family building a priceless legacy for brave Jane

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...and 11 years on, John deserves justice

WHAT a proud moment for Mike Tomlinson and his family. Less than eight years after the tragic death from cancer of his wife Jane, the charity she launched has eclipsed the ambitious fundraising target they set themselves.

Back in 2009, Mike, and the couple’s children, Suzanne, Rebecca and Steven, set their sights on raising £5m for good causes.

To date, the total raised by the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and its partner charities has now reached £7.6m.

It is an astonishing achievement and testament to the countless hours of hard work put in by Mike and the children, who have been so determined to secure their mum’s enduring legacy.

Jane set the ball rolling by raising over £1.85m through a series of gruelling challenges including several long-distance bike rides, marathons, triathlons and a full Ironman triathlon – despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer. After her death, the Tomlinsons set a new target of £5m.

Since then, the charity has gone from strength to strength with its high-profile Run For All events capturing the public’s imagination in West Yorkshire and beyond.

That success looks set to continue, ensuring Jane’s name lives on and continues to be celebrated for a long time to come. She would be very proud of them all.

11 years on, John deserves justice

WE all feel safer when high-profile criminal cases are solved and the culprits are brought to justice.

So it is deeply troubling that 11 years on, the gang responsible for the murder of popular Leeds businessman John Luper are still at large. But our unease is nothing compared to his family’s anguish at the lack of progress in the investigation.

John, you may remember died in a robbery at his home in Alwoodley. Someone must know something.

Eleven years is a long time – but it’s still not late for them to come forward and do the right thing.