YEP Says, February 14: Tower Works sell-off could be catalyst for ‘South Bank’ rebirth

Tower Works.
Tower Works.
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Hopes for regeneration of south of city.

THE move by Leeds City Council to sell its share of the iconic Tower Works in Holbeck is a welcome sign of optimism that the climate is right for wide-scale regeneration of the city’s South Bank.

Once a factory producing steel pins for the textile industry that was at the heart of Leeds’s industrial success, it is now being seen as key to the area’s long-awaited resurgence.

Of course, only time will tell if the site proves sufficiently attractive to draw bids from prospective developers. It is also important that any development is of the type that provides the best opportunity for wider regeneration in the south of the city.

Yet for the first time since the council took ownership from now defunct regional development agency Yorkshire Forward, there is genuine hope that it will prove another success story for the new Holbeck Urban Village.

Regeneration doesn’t happen overnight. If lasting change is to happen then it will come bit by bit.

And the way to achieve it isn’t a mystery. More job opportunities, quality, affordable housing and good schools that parents want their children to attend will go a long way to transforming struggling areas.

The new railway station southern entrance will help connect the rest of Leeds to this part of the city – one with fantastic potential which it is to be hoped will now be realised.

Putting crooks’ seized cash to better use

THE introduction of police and crime commissioners was met with scepticism, but Mark Burns-Williamson deserves credit for his common sense approach to the redistribution of cash seized from local criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Awards of up to £10,000 from the Safer Communities Fund will support the police by funding groups making a positive contribution to local areas.

Mr Burns-Williamson is also campaigning for every penny seized in the county to stay here rather than half going to Whitehall.

It’s to be hoped he succeeds – so that even more money can be handed to good causes close to home.

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