YEP Says, February 14: Lifesaving hero Brian and our 999 service at its best

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...and Nina’s important lesson for us all

YORKSHIRE’S ambulance service has come under severe scrutiny in recent times – and rightly so.

Its record in terms of hitting nationally-set response times has been desperately poor, while just this week the YEP revealed that taxis had to be called in at huge expense to respond to 999 calls because paramedics couldn’t get there in time.

However, its long-standing problems take nothing away from the professional response of the 999 operator who fielded a desperate call from Brian Whitaker – and the paramedics who arrived at his home a few minutes later.

His wife Ann’s heart having stopped suddenly and her life slipping away before his eyes, the operator talked Brian through resuscitation techniques until the experts arrived to take over.

Thankfully, miraculously, Brian had managed to bring Ann back to life. “I thought I had lost her,” said a relieved Brian, who says Ann’s recovery is the best Valentine’s present he could ever hope for.

We are quick to criticise our emergency services and NHS staff when they don’t provide the level of care we expect.

So we should also praise them for their professionalism in instances such as these – when their skills and experience can literally be the difference between life and death.

Nina’s important lesson for us all

THE appropriately-named Nina Joy Morton-Brook made a conscious decision to think positively when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live.

That was three years ago – and now she is writing her second book on how to beat the odds.

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Nina’s outlook on alternative therapies, there’s no denying that her determination and positive outlook must have been a factor.

It’s a mindset that we should all try and adopt – especially when the hurdles most of us face are as nothing compared to the battle she’s been through.