YEP Says, February 13: Welcome drop in burglary rates down to smart policing

Burglary rates are set to hit a record low.
Burglary rates are set to hit a record low.
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But balance needs to be struck between office-based policing and visible presence on our streets.

THE best gauge of how our police are performing is provided by the latest crime figures. These show that break-ins have fallen by a fifth, with burglary rates for this year set to be the lowest since records began.

In a city that had become a hotspot for a crime that is both an emotional ordeal for its victims and pushes up insurance premiums, this is welcome news.

As we report today, a key factor in this breakthrough has been the deployment of so-called real-time investigators who are using up-to-the-minute intelligence, local knowledge and even social networking sites to crack crime.

Crucially, they are not taking days or even weeks to identify suspects but hours or sometimes even minutes – without even leaving the office.

One crook got away from a break-in in Bramhope only to find police waiting to arrest him when he arrived home less than half an hour later.

It shows the value of utilising the latest technology and making the best use of intelligence to crack cases that in the past may have gone unsolved.

The question is whether forces have sufficient manpower to investigate every burglary, or other crimes, in this way.

At the same time, it’s also important that police strike the right balance between office-based investigations and having the visible presence on our streets to deter such crimes in the first place.

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