YEP Says, February 11: Time for club to help slash police bill at Elland Road

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...and a Rocky launch for Leeds’ great run

THE issue of the cost of policing Leeds United’s home games has been brought into sharper focus by the continued squeeze on West Yorkshire Police’s budgets.

Add in the fact that the force has just paid out more than £1.35m to the club for wrongfully-levied matchday charges and it’s no wonder chiefs are desperately looking for ways to slash the bill.

At a time when cuts are threatening the level of service we get from our local police force, many taxpayers will back them.

Certainly assistant chief constable Mark Milsom is right to say that Leeds should now take the lead and root out those troublemakers whose antics create the need for more policing which everyone else then has to pay for.

Unfortunately, despite having some of the world’s greatest fans, Leeds have always had a hooligan element to their support – and that’s not going to go away overnight.

Then there is the issue of fans from other clubs – how can United hope to affect their behaviour when they come to Elland Road?

It won’t be easy, but other clubs have become more community-minded and have seen a decline in hooliganism as a result.

Working more closely with the various supporters’ groups and banning hooligans from Elland Road for life will help to create a better atmosphere at games and save taxpayers’ precious cash.

A Rocky launch to Leeds’ great run

IT wasn’t quite the Philadelphia Museum of Art ahead of a showdown with Apollo Creed, but Josh Warrington was still a knockout as he launched the Leeds 10k.

The Leeds featherweight champ took a sprint up the Town Hall steps to get people in the mood for the run, which takes place through the city this July.

Entries are now open and those taking part won’t only be testing their mettle, they’ll also be raising cash that continues the remarkable legacy of Leeds fundraiser Jane Tomlinson.

Josh’s advice for all those signing up was to start their training now.

Running up the Town Hall steps is optional.