YEP Says, December 8: Union will ensure loan sharks go hungry this Christmas

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...and new recruits are needed for Mission Christmas

TIMES are still tough and Christmas for many will once again involve a degree of belt-tightening or will be funded using savings built up during the year.

But it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting caught up in the rampant commercialism of the festive period and spend money we simply don’t have.

The trouble is that this short-term pleasure brings long-term pain.

If we borrow money – whether it be on a credit card or from a lender – then eventually it has to be paid back.

For many, this is the time of year when they turn to pay day lenders and loan sharks to give them the spending power they think they need to make their Christmas a truly special one.

But this can leave them in the grip of unscrupulous lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest and make it difficult for borrowers to dig themselves out of debt.

It is why Leeds City Credit Union should be the first place people turn if they think they need a bit extra to see them through.

With research showing that 60,000 people are at risk of being preyed on by dodgy lenders, this cooperative offers a fair and secure way to borrow with affordable loans at reasonable rates of interest.

The other option might also make for a happy Christmas, but it will guarantee a miserable 2015.

New recruits needed for Mission Christmas

IT’S not long to go until the big day – and the presents are piling up as part of the YEP-backed Mission Christmas appeal.

This is our chance to make sure that needy youngsters across the city wake up to at least one present on Christmas morning – and the generosity shown so far by YEP readers has been incredible.

MiVolunteers have begun wrapping some of the thousands of gifts, but more help is needed – and more presents.

If you can help on either of those fronts, please do and help spread some Christmas cheer to those youngsters who will otherwise miss out.


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