YEP Says (December 7): Why we must not allow people to go hungry

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WE are the fourth richest nation on the planet, but the shocking truth is that 2,000 people from Leeds will have to rely on handouts from food banks to get through the festive period.

Pensioners are forced to choose between heating or eating and some parents are going without food so that they can afford to give their children a meal.

There are more than 20 food banks helping people in the city each week and nearly half of those who use them are children.

It is not right that this is happening here, on our own doorstep, in 2015. We believe that nobody should be going hungry which is why today we are launching our Feed A Family This Christmas campaign.

We want to ensure that fewer people go hungry this year and we want you to help.

Last year we received an overwhelming response from the public to our Appeal and, with Christmas looming, we are asking for your help again to replenish the stocks.

Food banks play a vital part in helping those families living on the breadline and the food that’s donated will feed those who might otherwise go without a decent meal.

We want to ensure that more people across the city enjoy a happier festive season. Christmas is a time for giving, so please give what you can and help keep both young and old from going hungry this winter.