YEP Says, December 2: Setback is last thing United need as they search for stability

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...and a sporting chance to tackle health threats

LESS than 48 hours was all Leeds United fans had to savour their team’s impressive victory over league leaders Derby County before the rug was once more pulled from under the club’s feet.

The Football League’s dramatic decision to ban Massimo Cellino as an owner and director at Elland Road represents another twist on the United rollercoaster, just as things were starting to get back on an even keel.

The ban has been imposed on the grounds of a tax conviction imposed on him by a court in Cagliari in March, declaring that the written judgement from that case proved his offence could “reasonably be considered to be dishonest.”

But the man himself insists he is going nowhere in the long-term. Massimo Cellino has told the YEP that even if he does have to step away for the next four months to wait until the conviction is spent, he won’t consider selling his majority stake in the club. This, he says, doesn’t change anything.

Unfortunately it does. Massimo may have polarised opinion but he has, it seems, put United back on the financial straight and narrow, no mean feat considering reports it was previously losing £1m a day.

This setback is the last thing United need as they search for the stability and results they will need to reclaim the place at football’s top table that has now eluded them for a decade.

Sporting chance to tackle health threats

OFTEN we are only too happy to forget our favourite team’s results when they are not doing well – but the memories of sporting triumphs are playing a major role in helping to tackle loneliness, depression and dementia among older people.

Sporting Memories, which is being used by Leeds charity Caring Together, is a great idea. By tapping into people’s love of sport, conversations are started, treasured memories flood back and it’s easier to keep people healthy and happy.

Dementia and the impact of loneliness pose considerable challenges in today’s society. This is just the sort of innovative idea that’s needed to tackle them.