YEP Says, December 16: Time to tackle the festive drinkers who spoil the party

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...and BBC shows that northern clichés are still alive and kicking

THERE is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and having a few drinks over Christmas – it’s part of the fun of the festive season.

Where problems do arise is when people take things too far and drink too much. In such instances they are not just putting themselves at risk but also placing an intolerable strain on the resources of both police and medical workers.

The YEP has seen the impact of irresponsible drinking up close – and it’s not pretty. We’ve been out and about with police as they tackle crime on the streets of the city centre during a busy Saturday evening shift and witnessed first-hand the booze-fuelled incidents they’re forced to deal with.

And we’ve also been behind the scenes at Leeds General Infirmary’s A&E department, which has to treat people who are drunk, hostile and block other patients in need.

With public finances tighter than at any point in recent memory, there is a strong case for tackling this problem by handing out on-the-spot fines for those who are so incapacitated that the police need to intervene or a trip to hospital is required.

While bars have a duty to refuse to serve those who have had too much, ultimate responsibility rests with the individual.

And besides, what’s the point of having a great night out if you can’t remember any of it the next day?

BBC shows northern clichés are still alive and kicking

WHILE attitudes in terms of race and sexuality have mercifully changed over the past few decades, it’s depressing to see that the London-centric media’s perception of Yorkshire is as stereotyped as ever.

The Sports Personality of the Year awards were a golden opportunity to recall the glorious success of Yorkshire’s hosting of the Tour de France – an event which dispelled many of the tired old clichés that still surround the region.

So what did the BBC do? Show a minute’s worth of highlights soundtracked by the Last of the Summer Wine theme tune.

You really couldn’t make it up, could you?