YEP Says (December 15): Dominic’s plight reveals kindness and cruelty

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The ridiculous and cruel nature of the so-called “postcode lottery” within the NHS was hammered home with our story about Leeds cancer sufferer Dominic Horsley.

He was told he was too young to have prostate cancer but when he was finally given a scan several months down the line, doctors found an advanced tumour that had spread to his leg and pelvis.

He was told he needed chemotherapy – but would have to pay £1,400 for the privilege or go to Huddersfield or Manchester.


This was because the NHS in Leeds doesn’t fund the particular treatment he needs, but the other two do.

Except Dominic couldn’t go to Manchester or Huddersfield because he was told he needed to be minutes away from the hospital in case the chemo saw him take a turn for the worse.

What a thoroughly unjust system it is that leaves someone having to fork out a considerable sum of money in a bid to prolong their life while someone living a few miles away gets it for free.

Thankfully, our story about Dominic’s plight touched kind-hearted readers who have now clubbed together to foot the bill for his treatment from their own pockets. Well done to them. It’s good that YEP readers can see the value in a human life, even if the faceless bureaucrats who run the NHS can’t.

Give the gift of a smile this Christmas

DESPITE claims that the economy is bouncing back, times remain incredibly tough for so many families in our area.

That much is obvious from the huge demand for help from the YEP-backed Mission Christmas toy appeal.

No fewer than 20,000 applications have been made for needy children this year – a record number of youngsters who might otherwise wake up without a present to open on Christmas morning.

So if you can, please give something to make sure organisers can put a smile on the face of the city’s neediest children. Let’s give them a Christmas they’ll remember.