YEP Says (December 10): A letter which no-one should be able to ignore

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‘Today was a particularly bad day, I feel my chest is being crushed under the pressure of everything going on. But visiting and meeting the lovely people in the foodbank has really given me a lift....thank you all so much.’

All the statistics, facts and figures in the world can’t achieve what this unnamed mum achieved by putting to paper her gratitude at the support she received from a Leeds foodbank when she found herself in dire straits.

‘I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that my children are going to be able to eat,’ she writes. ‘Thank you for caring, at times like this it is so easy to believe the world doesn’t care.’

Never were there starker or more poignant words written - and her words, published on the front page of today’s Yorkshire Evening Post, should be a reminder to all of us of the grim realities facing many in our communities.

Here is a truth: more than 2,000 people across Leeds will rely on foodbank parcels to keep them from going hungry this Christmas.

Across the city, many queue up each day at foodbanks to receive enough basic food to last their family for three days. And shockingly, almost half of those -47 per cent - relying on the food parcels are children.

That is why today, the YEP has again this year launched its Feed a Family this Christmas campaign. With your generous food and financial contributions, it is hoped that more hungry people across Leeds will have a happier Christmas this year.

Readers who would like to support the campaign can donate to various collection points across Leeds - see out story today or go online for more details.

In this season of goodwill remember this mum and her family, and please, please give as generously as you can.