YEP Says (Dec 4): What is the best deal for future of our county?

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AT FACE value, the performance of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership over recent years has been significant.

Take Leeds city centre where the pace of development stands in total contrast to the moribund building sites of just five years ago when confidence reached its lowest ebb.


Though the national economic recovery has been a major factor, the new jobs and investment would not have been possible without the LEP, and others.

Yet the more pertinent question, as the LEP accepts the plaudits, is what next for Leeds?

Many will argue that this success and prosperity should not be put at risk by those who believe Yorkshire’s future interests are best served by political and business leaders from West, North and East Yorkshire joining forces. Others contend that the type of dynamism being enjoyed in Leeds needs to be replicated across the whole county if Yorkshire is to become an economic powerhouse in its own right.

It remains to be seen which viewpoint prevails.

Yorkshire is the only major region still to determine its devolution arrangements and it can only be hoped that the delay is because those concerned are arguing behind-the-scenes for the best for deal for Leeds, and the wider county, rather than any narrow political interests.