YEP Says: Compromise for act of kindness would be good

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leeds PEOPLE aren’t ones to stand for nonsense.

So when Leeds City Council objected to a kindness wall on the grounds of health and safety, people from the city let rip with their opinions.

Some 800 of them objected to the stance taken by the local authority. The kindness wall is a simple but effective idea. The Armley Junktion cafe operates a pay-as-you-feel system which relies on the kindness of human nature. The cafe uses surplus food destined for the rubbish bin and turns it to good use.

But a letter from Leeds City Council environmental officers arrived asking the cafe to remove the shelving outside the building which was set up to receive donations of unwanted but usable items which can be picked up by people who need them.

The letter asked managers to remove the “obstruction” as it could cause injury to pedestrian and the disabled. It said the business could be fined up to £1,000 but the council was “reluctant to use its legal powers” and would prefer “co-operation”.

It should be no surprise that #saveourkindnesswall was soon trending on social media. This cafe’s kindness and compassion should be encouraged, not strangled by red tape. Leeds City Council now plans to find ‘a practical and sensible solution’. The sooner the better.