YEP says: Commuters deserve a rail service which will match the new station

scheme: Details of a �500m masterplan to remodel Leeds Station have been revealed.
scheme: Details of a �500m masterplan to remodel Leeds Station have been revealed.
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as a gateway to Leeds our current railway station leaves much to be desired.

The dated signage evokes not so much the golden age of steam but the best-forgotten age of dirty diesels and curled up sandwiches.

Today the YEP can give a glimpse into the future by revealing some artist’s impressions of what Leeds station could look like.

The glass canopy entrance echos that of London’s Kings Cross Station - not a huge surprise as the design comes from the same hand, that of Hiro Aso. It would be a neat connection from north to south to have similar looks to our stations, with or without a new high-speed rail link inbetween.

The glass canopy inside the station looks equally as impressive and should make the dramatic south entrance suddenly start to make more sense architecturally.

But before any passengers start to get giddy about a new smarter, lighter, brighter way to arrive and depart our city they will want to know that it will be to board or alight some better trains, trains with enough carriages to ensure passengers a seat, trains which turn up on time and transport them at more than a snail’s pace.

We should be able to look at Transport for the North for this, but without full powers and funding this will not happen. Pressure from the North’s MPs is absolutely crucial here.

First buses.

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