YEP Says, Campaigners out of step over sentence for Ann’s murderer

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...and what a fitting tribute to Leeds legend Bobby

WHEN someone as young as Will Cornick commits such an appalling crime as murder, it is natural that some thought is given to what could have driven him to such an act and whether there is any hope for his future rehabilitation.

Yet the claim by youth justice campaigners that the 20-year sentence handed to the 16-year-old is too long is wholly out of step with public opinion.

The fact is that Cornick had fantasised for years about killing Ann Maguire, having made it clear that he harboured an irrational hatred of her.

Chillingly, he took a bottle of Jack Daniels into school to celebrate after the killing and has shown no remorse whatsoever for what he has done.

Indeed, he appeared disappointed that he had not carried out the intended murders of two other teachers at Corpus Christi, one of whom was pregnant.

There can be no doubt that Cornick has deep-seated mental health issues. He is a young man in need of a great deal of psychological help.

But while attempts to rehabilitate him should be made, the first priorities must be to protect the public from a killer who the court heard could strike again, and to deliver justice for his victim.

Cornick is no child. He is an intelligent teenager who knew exactly what he was doing. It is up to the prison authorities to decide when, or if, he is ever fit to be released back into civilised society.

What a fitting tribute to Leeds legend Bobby

BOBBY Collins wasn’t just a great footballer, he was also a great man.

So it’s right that he’s remembered in the city where he earned so much respect for performances which lifted Leeds United to such great heights.

The new Bobby Collins Way – unveiled yesterday – keeps the combative midfielder within sight of his spiritual home of Elland Road.

It’s a fitting tribute to a figure who played such a key role in the club’s climb from Second Division obscurity to the top of the European game.

After all, it was Bobby’s talent and determination that put Leeds on the road to glory.

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