YEP Says: Brendan’s words of eloquence will strike a chord

Brendan Cox.
Brendan Cox.
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the queen’s festive message is an institution, but you may agree there is room for more than one voice on Christmas Day.

So the fact that Brendan Cox is to deliver an ‘alternative’ message should be welcomed.

Mr Cox, whose wife Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox was murdered in cold blood, will deliver his message on Channel 4.

We expect it will be powerful stuff. Mr Cox, who was thrust into the spotlight in such awful circumstances, comes across as an articulate and persuasive personality. He coped with worldwide coverage of his – and our – tragedy with immense dignity and control.

He will call for an end to the “rise of hatred”; he will pay tribute to his wife and touch on the “awful year for our family”; and he will also tell viewers that now is the “moment to reach out to somebody that might disagree with us”.

In the message, which is traditionally billed as an alternative to the Queen’s annual Christmas Day address, Mr Cox will say: “Jo loved Christmas, the games, the traditions, the coming together of friends and family and above all the excitement of our kids. This year we’ll try to remember how lucky we were to have Jo in our lives for so long – and not how unlucky we were to have her taken from us.”

The Queen’s message is important. But we also believe Brendan’s eloquent words will also strike a chord in Leeds, Batley & Spen and beyond.