YEP says: Birthday honours for ordinary folk mean so much

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THERE is no doubt that some of the well-known names in the Queen’s Birthday Honours thoroughly deserve their gongs - indeed Kenny Dalglish’s recognition is long overdue.

But it is the honours of those people you may never have heard of that are often the most interesting.

This is what the honours system should be all about, recognising not just those in the public eye whose achievements are familiar to us all, but giving due credit to those who go about their good deeds unnoticed and unthanked by those outside the small sphere in which their work is known.

Take Mary Brennan, the 67-year-old who will be given a British Empire Medal for her work with a local gardening group and a lunch club for vulnerable people that runs at St Hilda’s Church, or Phil Gomersall, the 72-year-old from Rawdon, who will also receive a British Empire Medal for services to horticulture and Lorraine Long, whose 36 years of fostering in Leeds will earn her an MBE.

These are people who selflessly give their own time to bring something to their communities or to other people’s lives.

Another task which often goes unthanked is policiing our streets, so congratulations too to our own Leeds lad, police chief and YEP columnist Chief Supt Paul Money.

They all thoroughly deserve this recognition,