YEP Says, August 4: We need to bank on our cashpoints being safe to use

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ANOTHER week, another warning of a cashpoint sting to get access to our bank details and raid our accounts.

This time it is the use of so-called ‘Lebanese Loops’. The fake slots incorporate a bent piece of metal or plastic sleeve which ‘swallow’ the user’s card, allowing crooks to later take cash from their account.

The devices, which have been around for a while, have been discovered on ATMs in Leeds and the police are warning the public to look out for them.

The trouble is that, to the untrained eye, they are extremely difficult to detect.

A slight overlap between the card slot and the arrow below may sometimes be visible, but often there is no sign that a machine has been tampered with.

And anyway, it is not the public’s responsibility to check the nuts and bolts of a cash machine every time they use it – that falls to the banks who should reassess whether their security measures and monitoring of their machines are as tight as they should be.

However, there are ways we can stay one step ahead of the swindlers – the most simple being to ensure we cover the machine’s keypad while entering our pin number.

Ultimately, however, all we can offer is vigilance. It is the job of the police and banking giants to make sure our nearest ATM is safe for us to use.

Dickie’s balcony has real appeal

ALTHOUGH Headingley cricket ground has an amazing history, having played host to everything from Bradman’s genius to Botham’s heroics, it has long felt as if something were missing.

That piece of the jigsaw has now been provided by the great Dickie Bird, the former Yorkshire player who became a household name as one of the game’s great umpires.

Now club president, Dickie has funded the £125,000 new balcony himself, meaning both batting teams can watch matches in the open air rather than from behind glass.

If you’ll excuse the umpiring pun, it’s an addition that adds to Headingley’s appeal.