YEP Says, August 24: Baby boomers ignoring booze binge warnings

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FIRST IT was young people who were accused of putting the NHS under an intolerable strain because of binge drinking.

FIRST IT was young people who were accused of putting the NHS under an intolerable strain because of binge drinking.

Now the alcohol intake of the over-65s, the one-time ‘baby boomer’ generation, have reached intolerable and dangerous levels according to new research.

These contradictions, backed up by an impassioned appeal for doctors to do more to persuade their patients not to abuse their livers with alcohol purchased from supermarkets (we are all drinking far more at home these days), still leave unanswered the most pertinent question of all – why do people in Britain appear to drink more than their counterparts in Europe?

The research by acadermics at King’s College, London, follows a report last year by Mintel that drinkers aged 65 plus were bucking a trend of reduced alcohol consumption.

It revealed the current generation of younger drinkers to be one of the most sensible with a far more conservative attitude than their Baby Boomer parents.

Those aged 65 and o ver, tended to have much more engrained drinking habits.

Reasonings behind this included that this generation was brought up to think that drinking everyday in moderation was acceptable and not damaging to their health.

There’ is certainly no doubt that the seemingly daily lectures from the so-called ‘nanny state’ are tiresome (some might say enough to drive you to drink)

But, as we are all living longer, perhaps contemplating the responsibility that we all have to our own health - to ensure as far as possible a healthy, active and happy old age, is worth considering - over a soft drink, of course. That probably goes without saying.

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