YEP Says, August 16: Ban louts who turn holiday flights into hell at 30,000 feet

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...and cutting a Dash to join in city’s famous race.

SHARING a plane with a load of complete strangers can be a daunting experience as we jet off on our summer holidays – and swiftly turns into a nightmare if they include drunken louts who turn the air blue.

Barry Hogan and Colin Courtney hurled foul-mouthed abuse and made crude sexual remarks as they returned home with 11 members of a stag party to Leeds-Bradford Airport.

One of them even stripped to his boxer shorts and flashed his backside in front of children and pensioners on the Jet2 from Budapest. Then the idiot stood on his seat as the aircraft made its final approach to the runway.

No doubt the pair’s fellow passengers hated every minute of it. They must have been delighted to clap eyes on the police officers who arrested them as soon as they stepped off the plane.

Similar but different is the story of the passenger on the flight from Tenerife to Stansted who opened a bag of nuts – despite being repeatedly warned there was a little girl on board with a serious nut allergy.

Four-year-old Fae Platten duly passed out and had to be rushed to hospital on arrival.

When we board a flight we take on far greater responsibility for our actions, for the simple reason that at at 30,000 feet there’s no escaping us.

There’s an argument to say those who don’t grasp that should be grounded – permanently.

Cutting a Dash to join in city’s famous race

IT’S that time of year again when the leaves start falling and the air begins to get a bit cooler. Or at least it is this madcap August.

Still, at least there are a few things to look forward to as we nudge towards autumn – like the thought of pounding the streets of Leeds to raise cash for a good cause.

Entry is now open to one of the city’s most popular races – the Abbey Dash. And although it isn’t run until November, plenty will be cutting a dash to sign up early to help the elderly stay warm this winter.

It’s a chance to get the sponsors rolling in – and it might be an idea to cram in a bit of training as well.


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