YEP Says, August 13: Motorists’ fines must be spent on making our roads even safer

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...and how your help can stop city youngsters going hungry

MOTORISTS often complain that they’re treated as cash cows, to be milked by everyone from fuel companies to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

This sense of injustice is likely to be fuelled by new figures that show more than 400 on-the-spot fines have been handed out to drivers in West Yorkshire under new police powers introduced last year.

The reasons for which the penalties have been issued, however, reveals that they are for offences such as tailgating and dangerous which pose a genuine risk to public safety.

Yet what is striking about these fines is how much inconsistency exists in how they are imposed in different parts of the region. The 400 fines issued in West Yorkshire are in sharp contrast to the eight handed out in Humberside.

Proper policing of our roads is of vital importance when it comes to public safety. It is therefore sensible that officers are able to punish low level offences without the need for resource-intensive court processes – not least as damaging cuts to road policing units over the past few years have encouraged some drivers to believe that their behaviour will go unchecked.

With this in mind, the revenue from these fines would perhaps now be best spent ensuring that the current patchy policing of the regional and national road network is made more consistent.

Your help can save children from hunger

THE importance of the YEP’s Feed A Family campaign is rammed home by the fact that more than 80 children a week across the city are needing emergency food to stop them going to bed hungry.

And the pressure on hard-up families is even more intense over the summer when youngsters aren’t receiving school meals.

It is shameful that food banks are needed in this day and age – but the grim reality is that they are.

A whopping 4,000 kilos of food have been distributed since we launched our campaign last month, but more is needed.

If you can afford to give some food, please do.


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