YEP Says, April 28: How did city school bosses get their sums so horribly wrong?

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Shortage of school places leaves parents worrying about their children’s education.

OVER the course of the last decade or so, Leeds’s education chiefs have justified a raft of school closures and mergers by assuring parents that they are in the best interests of their children.

Their argument has always been that these schools had too many surplus places and the money saved by shutting them could be invested in improving the schools that remained.

When concerns were expressed that this could lead to a future shortage of places, education bosses batted them away and insisted that wouldn’t be the case.

Now we’re left with a situation where 4,000 extra primary school places need to be created in order to accommodate all the city’s pupils.

It has led to questions being raised in Parliament, along with a great deal of worry and uncertainty for parents in many parts of the city where schools are currently oversubscribed.

Today it’s the turn of parents in Kirkstall to speak out on the lack of school places in their area. One dad says he will be forced to drive three miles every morning to take his son to school in Bramley after he failed to get a place at a local school.

No one has a crystal ball, but it’s staggering how the city’s education bosses could have got it so horribly wrong. It can only be hoped that their miscalculations don’t end up harming the life chances of generations of Leeds children.

Groups given a lifeline thanks to good sports

FROM children’s karate groups and Russian language classes to literature societies and football clubs.

The variety of Leeds organisations receiving funding as part of the YEP-backed Sport Relief giveaway shows the diversity of interests in the city and the groups catered to serve them.

For each of the 70 that have been given a share of the £75,000 of funding, the money will be a huge help. In the case of the Streetwise charity, it means more hot meals can be served up to those most in need.

So well done to everyone who donated to Sport Relief. Your money is being put to good use.

First buses.

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