YEP Says, April 27: Time to turn back tide of horrific domestic abuse

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IT’S often said that we have no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

IT’S often said that we have no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

But the latest figures tell us that domestic violence is still an all too common occurrence in Leeds homes.

There were just short of 15,000 recorded incidents in the city last year – encompassing a wide range of abuse from physical and sexual and physical to emotional, psychological and even financial.

What’s even more frightening, however, is the fact that it’s feared these figures are merely the tip of a very large iceberg. The true scale of the issue remains largely hidden from view.

Given the huge human cost of the issue – which included six deaths in the last 12 months – it’s understandable and welcome that council bosses have named it one of their top priorities.

The YEP agrees, which is why this Thursday, experts will gather at our offices to tackle the topic for the next YEP Voice of Leeds Summit, organised with the Leeds Community Foundation.

Anyone who reads Sarah’s story on pages four and five of today’s YEP will recognise the need for urgent action. She endured 10 years of abuse at the hands of her partner, who made her wish she was dead to the point where she considered suicide.

Thankfully she sought the help and support which saved her – but too many don’t.

Let’s make most of St George’s Day

EVERY year, St George’s Day is the cue for a weekend of celebrations in Morley.

The south Leeds town leads the way in terms of recognising this important date on the national calendar – but does the country as a whole do enough to celebrate its significance?

Unlike Scotland, we don’t have a public holiday to mark our patron saint’s day and Wales and Ireland make far more of St David’s Day and St Patrick’s Day than we do with our own national day.

It’s time we all followed Morley’s lead by taking greater pride in St George’s Day and celebrating it properly – a day off work would certainly help us do just that.