YEP Says, April 14: Law still can’t save us from the lowest of the low

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EVEN by the standards of your average rogue trader, fraudster Andrew Roberton is an appalling parasite.

EVEN by the standards of your average rogue trader, fraudster Andrew Roberton is an appalling parasite.

Claiming to represent a reputable glass firm, he preyed on the elderly – some of them suffering from dementia – to flog his shoddy double glazing.

He lied through his teeth as he ripped them off, in one case managing to make an 81-year-old disabled man pay twice after claiming he hadn’t received his cheque.

Often he failed to carry out the work he’d taken money for – one customer phoned him 53 times before having to resort to the small claims court in a bid to get his cash back.

The son of one of his intended victims hits the nail on the head when he says: “If you are capable of taking large sums of money from an elderly person who doesn’t know what they are doing because they have an illness... an extended holiday at Armley prison is the least you deserve.”

Thankfully that is exactly what Roberton now has in the shape of a 26-month sentence.

But given that Trading Standards officers were well aware of Roberton and his despicable methods prior to this latest string of offences, what’s to stop him trying it again once he gets out?

The grim truth is that the laws governing rogue traders are still powerless to protect those most at risk of becoming their victims.

May the sun shine on city’s big race

OSCAR Wilde once wrote that “conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative” – but he probably didn’t foresee the climatic changes that leave us wondering what’s going to be thrown at us next.

We’re now being told Leeds is set to bask in a heatwave – just days after the city was shivering in Arctic-like winds and scattered hailstorms.

Still, let’s hope the good weather is still here at the start of May for the first ever Tour de Yorkshire cycle race. The sunshine will ensure spectators turn out in force and show off our city and county in all its glory to the millions watching on TV around the world.

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