Why Scarlett and her pals really do deserve a break

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ANYONE who has read our story about Scarlett, the 13-year-old carer from Leeds who cares for her ill mother, cannot fail to have been moved.

She tells with painful honesty how when school finishes, she doesn’t want to go home – but she has little choice. She tells how she has to cope with a life which is heartbreakingly different to those of her friends.

While her pals do all the fun things that teenagers do, she has to care for three siblings, manage housework and care for her mum.

She has to handle her mother’s manic days and her depressed days and she has to shrug off cruel comments from some that her mum is a ‘psycho’.

Most adults would struggle to cope with such pressures, never mind a child.

Yet, Scarlett is far from alone. She is one of an estimated 4,000 child-carers in Leeds.

That’s why the Yorkshire Evening Post is determined to raise £4,000 to allow at least some of our young carers a trip away. If we raise £4,000, that will mean that for one day 200 young carers can enjoy at least a little escape from their very difficult lives.

Experts say such trips and activities can help young carers have a break from worries and have fun with others in a similar position.

We know that our readers will agree and will help at least some of these young people to have a break from their usual routine.