Think before you make that stupid call to the police

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The childish prank of making hoax 999 calls to the emergency services has been superceded by a new trend in time-wasting.

Police have exclusively revealed to the Yorkshire Evening Post a staggering number of ridiculous calls they receive to their emergency services.

Many are made by people who have drunk too much but the most ridiculous was made by a man wanting police to press charges against a cat for stealing the bacon from his plate.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so ludicrous and such a waste of police time and therefore money.

Someone even phoned the police 100 times in just four hours.

Our police force is squeezed enough by cuts in its funding, meaning increased pressure on its call handling service.

So imagine the waste of time this is causing. On top of that, there may well be calls that are delayed by this stupidity. Police deal with 4,500 emergency and non emergency calls a day during the summer - a period that sees a surge in numbers because people are more prone to have been drinking.

The squeeze on its service has been increased because of council cutbacks, meaning calls that would normally be handled elsewhere can no longer be.

People may think it funny, but it is stupid, idiotic and dangerous.