The Leeds Race for All lives up to its name, year in and year out

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It’s people like Graham Werrett who sum up the power and reason of an event like the Leeds 10k Race for All.

Mr Werrett was quite literally racing for his life as well as the lives of others, having overcome the effects of a stroke he had suffered just seven weeks ago.

But spurred on by the memory of meeting his heroine Jane Tomlinson and by the determination to complete the challenge, Mr Werrett amazingly completed the race and he even did it in fancy dress.

To say his is an achievement is an understatement – but he was in good company as thousands of the runners taking part will have not only raised astonishing amounts for charity, but will have also reached amazing personal goals.

And that’s what is so great about this event.

Whatever the weather, the Leeds 10k sees people striking out for others and themselves.

It unites strangers, brings health and happiness to people’s lives and does something good for the community.

And don’t let’s forget those who offer their help at this event; From the cheering crowds to the first aiders – who were busier than usual this year due to the hot and humid conditions – the people and the city are what makes this race so special.

It is something Leeds should be proud of – Jane certainly would be.

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