Reasons why we should celebrate Burberry arrival

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TODAY we continue to celebrate the great news that Burberry is going to be investing £50m in the first phase of an exciting development on south dock.

The luxury clothes manufacturer, whose roots are firmly in Yorkshire, has been persuaded to invest in an area ripe for regeneration in Leeds, sending a powerful message of its confidence in the region.

More than 1,000 jobs will either be created or transferred from its existing operations in West Yorkshire into Leeds.

Comments on our website have variously praised such a huge investment and also questioned how our infrastructure, namely our roads network, is going to cope with such an influx.

The latter is a legitimate question, but really, should we really be responding in such a way to an announcement that shows just what our city could be achieving.

We say not. If we always greeted such news with these sorts of questions, what message does that send out to future investors.

We should be celebrating the news of such a huge investment – and indeed that is what most people in the city are doing.

Burberry is a massive brand that reflects the aspiration of what sort of businesses this city wants to attract. We welcome this investment with open arms.

Rape figures huide the true facts

FIGURES released today show an apparent increase in the number of successful rape prosecutions for West Yorkshire.

In the 12 months to March this year 221 people were convicted of rape compared with 124 to the previous 12 months.

But during the same period there was also an increase in the number of cases referred, meaning that as a percentage there was no real increase.

What these figures do not show is the terrible attrition rate in the number of rape cases that never get to court. The criminal justice system does not help victims to carry forward their claims and this has to change.