New year, new Leeds ... readers' wishes for our city in 2018

Happy New year ... for Leeds hopefully
Happy New year ... for Leeds hopefully
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Traditionally a time for new beginnings and timely resolutions, our Community Forum shares hopes approaching 2018.

If you’re over 18, live or work in Leeds, email to come and join the gang, get involved and have a regular say on local issues, starting with coming YEP Readers' Panel topical question "Should Leeds mental health services remain in public sector?"

Hopes for bright Leeds future in 2018

Hopes for bright Leeds future in 2018

New Year hopes ... we're all Leeds aren't we?

James Kirk

The people are the soul of Leeds. The city is a lifeless entity without them. Never forget you have a voice, a right to opine how you feel your city can best be run. The Evening Post affords everyone of you the opportunity to be heard, to express your views on a myriad of topics. Never be afraid to air them. Truth should never be sacrificed, even if it hurts.

Dave Kelly

Better provisions for the homeless, awareness of issues facing care leavers in Leeds and services focusing on the development of young people in the city. Support for the arts, particularly young bands, and services for older people. For Leeds united to go up as champions.

Sophie Mei Lan

I work across the region and globally with my blog and vlog. We have so much talent across Leeds and surrounding areas, it would be great to see people supporting businesses and suppliers across West Yorkshire to boost the economy. I'd also like better transport links as I rely on public transport to get around.

Amy Green

My wish is that we finally get our act together on the transport front. A world class city needs a better transport system. We're yet again hosting international events, which is fantastic. We must invest in the city to make sure these events come back annually. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2018.

Joanne St Lawrence

What I would really like to see for the city is another Grande Depart or similar event. I have never seen a city come together in total commitment like that. Children were making strings of cycles, which hung over every building, and people turned out in their thousands, shouting and screaming encouragement. Children who saw this and took part will still be talking about it in their dotage. I still think the Leeds/Bradford cycle lane was a spectacular waste of money though!

Lyn Facey

I wish that an abundance of affordable housing can be built to help alleviate the need for people to live on the streets or in temporary accommodation, much of which is terrible.

Dennis Appleyard

The city faces many challenges, but one of my concerns is food poverty, so can we just aspire to a situation where in 2018 all the food banks can close because no one is hungry?