Incredible care is an inspiration for hospice appeal

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EVERY bride wants her nearest and dearest at their side when they get married and that was the case for Holly Buckley.

She thought her grandfather Ron would never make it to the church because he was ill and in too much pain with his cancer.

But thanks to the incredible care given to him by staff at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice, she was given the perfect wedding present when he turned up to her big day.

Staff there made it possible for him to attend by shaving him, dressing him and most importantly managing his pain control for long enough for him to make it to the church.

But Holly’s is just one of many stories the hospice wants to tell to raise awareness of the the care it offers.

The hospice holds a special place in the hearts of our readers who for decades have supported our half and half appeal.

And throughout July, staff are running their Incredible Care campaign to give people a better understanding of their work.

Hospices can be daunting places, instilling fear in people, because of the terminal care they provide.

But through the dedicated, professional work of the staff, from nurses to catering workers, the treatment and care helps families and patients through such difficult times. We hope the awareness campaign helps to dispel some of those fears.