Crime victims are being treated like ‘pass the parcel’

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...and Amir’s a knockout on visit to Crypt

THE FACT that there is still uncertainty about Victim Support’s funding in Leeds and the rest of the Yorkshire, and the possibility of counsellors and staff being made redundant, reflects poorly on the politicians responsible for this sad state of affairs.

With only weeks until the deadline, next year’s funding levels have still not been officially confirmed, leaving the charity’s staff and volunteers in limbo. Even though responsibility has been passed from the Government to local crime commissioners, this will cut little ice with the most important people of all – victims of crime.

This is a service which works tirelessly to provide support to those people whose lives have been ruined through no fault of their own. It has become a lifeline to families who have lost loved ones in some of the most horrific circumstances imaginable.

It is too important to be left to the mercy of national and local politicians who seem more preoccupied with playing ‘pass the parcel’ over the future funding of police services rather than making sure that there is sufficient funding for Victim Support’s largely unheralded work. This issue is not a game.

Its difficulties also make a complete mockery of those politicians, from Tony Blair to today’s crop of leaders, who have repeatedly promised to put “victims at the heart of the criminal justice system”.

Amir’s a knockout on visit to Crypt

REGULAR TABLOID headlines prove that not all sports stars are the role models we would like them to be.

But boxer Amir Khan is one of the notable exceptions, going out of his way to ensure some good comes out of his talent – and not just in terms of his bank balance.

The former world champion was at St George’s Crypt as part of his work with the Amir Khan Foundation to support deprived and disadvantaged young people.

And unlike most events of this kind, Amir didn’t wait to be asked, he approached the them. A true champion – both inside and outside the ropes.

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