Cellino: you must listen to fans and United’s sponsors

Leeds United chairman Massimo Cellino
Leeds United chairman Massimo Cellino
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ON THE one hand Massimo Cellino is at liberty to run Leeds United how best he sees fit, whether or not anyone else agrees with him.

He can hire and fire managers at will, which indeed he has done since he first set foot in Elland Road.

But Leeds United isn’t just any other company.

For literally tens of thousands of people, the club is the most important organisation in the city and the team’s success – or lack of it – weigh heavily on their lives.

It is fair enough for fans to be disillusioned. They pay their money to keep the club alive and of course their opinions do count.

But when you get key sponsors like Crosswater Holdings saying enough is enough, then alarm bells really are ringing. This company has backed the club for a decade but now says it will not continue to financially support the club while ever Cellino is in charge.

Crosswater tells Cellino they have “had enough of how you run our famous club”.

It follows a decision by Enterprise Insurance and Flamingo Land to cease financial support for United.

Cellino is his own man and he doesn’t seem to like being told what to do. But for the sake of United – and the city – he must take heed of fans and sponsors and repair the damage to United’s credibility. Either that, or move aside.

Asda holds on to loyal customers

THE big four supermarkets – including Leeds’s own Asda – might be suffering from falling sales, but their customers are not leaving them entirely.

Research by retail experts say it seems that customers are sharing their spending around the major superstore chains. In fact, customers of Aldi and Lidl still shop at one of the big four on a regular basis.

That is good news for Asda and good news for the many thousands of workers who rely on Asda for their living.

Asda is going through major changes at the moment. It is good that the business seems to be holding up.